Common Setups

Coexsys Project Management Cloud suite of applications can be subscribed on individual, per application basis, or, can be subscribed for entire suite including all of following applications.

  • Projects Cloud
  • Attendance Tracking Cloud
  • Timekeeping Cloud
  • Expense Cloud
  • Issue Tracking Cloud
  • Invoicing Cloud ( offered under Self Employed Plan only)

These applications share common setups that must be implemented first in order to make these applications usable.

These common set ups include:

  • Manage Users
  • Maintain Holiday Calendars

As mentioned above, in order to start using Coexsys Project Management Cloud Applications, you must set up user accounts and holiday calendars.

Manage Users

Coexsys Project Management Cloud suite of applications uses each subscriber as a user. A user account has a user name and password. The email address of the user is treated as a user account.

Manage Users under Enterprise Plan

When an organization signs up for the first time under Enterprise Plan, by default the first subscriber gets Administrator-level access. Administrator level access allows the creation of new user accounts and adds new subscriptions as needed.

Self-employed plans allow only one user account per subscription. You can not add new user accounts under the self-employed plan using the Manage Users page.

Components of Manage Users Page

The Manage User page has following components.

Manage Users Page

Create or Edit User Region

Using Create or Edit User region, you can create a new user account (applicable to Enterprise subscribers only) or edit an existing user account.

Grant Access

For enterprise subscribers, the site administrator can select application access for its users under the Grant Access region. For self employed subscribers, all applications under this region are pre-selected and can not be unchecked.

Restrict Access by IP Addresses

For Attendance Tracking only, Attendance Tracking needs to track employees’ time and attendance are usually location specific. In order to prevent any fraudulent time entry activity and record accurate attendance of employees, site administrator may enforce attendance tracking only from certain specific devices by entering the IP addresses of such devices under this region.

Login History

The login history region shows previously logged in sessions by the user. This region provides quick historical report on users login activity by location.

Watch the Manage Users page in action here: