Attendance Tracking Cloud Overview

Coexsys Attendance Tracking cloud provide comprehensive all inclusive set of functionalities and features that are required to track employees’ shift time accurately.

Tracking labor hours and labor productivity of its employees is one of the most basic yet one of the most important business functions enterprises undertake.

The Attendance Tracking Cloud Application is available under both of following plans:

  • Enterprise Plan
  • Self Employed Plan

The Attendance Tracking Cloud includes following functionality.

Daily Clock In / Clock Out

Using the Daily Clock In / Clock Out functionality, employees can report their regular shift start and finish time, meals and break times as well as Personal time off.

The Clock In / Clock Out functionality is part of the workflow, where such time is route to supervisor of the employees for approval process. This is especially important when employees are working from a different geographical location than supervisor.

The Clock In/ Clock Out Screen

Video: Daily Clock in and Clock out Tutorial

IP Addresses

IP Addresses are simple and effective way to enforce security and integrity around attendance tracking processes in Coexsys Attendance Tracking Cloud.

There are two ways the administrator can control the IP addresses in Coexsys Attendance Tracking Application.

  • User Level IP Restrictions
  • Site Level IP Restrictions
Site Level IP Restrictions

Feeds and Announcements

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling is a Work shift Planning tool for employees. Employee scheduling in Coexsys Attendance Tracking automates the process of creating and maintaining a schedule. Automating the scheduling of employees increases productivity and allows organizations with hourly workforces to re-allocate resources to non-scheduling activities.

Video: Employee Scheduling Tutorial

Attendance Approval

Attendance Approval provides visibility to employee supervisors on shift schedule events such as Clock In/Out times, break and meal times, and PTO times. Attendance Approval step also ensures that only approved time will be captured for payroll processing with payroll integrations.

Attendance Approval

Personal Time off Requests

Time off Requests, vacation requests are an integral part of any employee’s time tracking processes. Coexsys Attendance Tracking provides comprehensive, workflow-based time off request processing.

Request Time Off Page

Video: Entering Time off Requests tutorial

Time Cards Dashboard

Coexsys Attendance Tracking Provides comprehensive timecards dashboards that offer a single stop view of all time events of an employee.

The time cards page also allows an employee to submit missed time for events where employees are not able to report their shift time through regular clock in / clock out page.

Time Cards

Video: The Time Card Page and Missed Attendance

Supervisor Workbench

Supervisor Workbench is the one stop workbench for supervisors to provide a complete overview of various time events of their direct reports. Using Supervisor workbench, supervisors can manage employee’s time, approve/ reject time offs, clock times, break and meal times and also process missed time attendance.

Supervisor Workbench

Video : Supervisor workbench Tutorial

Manage Leaves

Using Manage Leaves Page, you can categorize various types of employee leaves as per your organization’s policy.

Employees use leaves entered on this page, to report and manage their time offs when submitting time off requests.

Manage Leaves

Video: The Manage leaves page tutorial

Reports and Feeds

Coexsys Attendance Tracking provides a rich set of reportsand feeds for various time events. Reports and Feeds bring system-induced transparency across all attendance tracking workflows.

The Attendance tracking application provides following out of the box and prebuilt reports ready to use for business.