Request Time Off Page

Time off Requests, vacation requests are an integral part of any employee’s time tracking processes. Coexsys Attendance Tracking provides comprehensive, workflow-based time off request processing.

Time off Requests

In this tutorial, we will see how to employees can enter time off requests to report absences such as PTO, FMLA, Vacation and so on.

This is the basic absence management tool within the attendance tracking cloud.

To enter a time off request, enter the from and to dates to indicate the duration for which you plan to request the time off from work.

Next, enter the appropriate time off request type from the drop down.

Note that, the time off request type values in this drop down is from the manage leaves page.

Meaning, to see various types of absences in this drop down box, the administrator must need to define these leaves first in the manage leave page.

Next, enter the required reasoning for your time off request and press send button.

Your time off requests will appear in the data grid below with the pending status.

With this, your time off requests goes to the supervisor for review and approval.

Once supervisor approves the time off request, you will see that appearing in the data grid here.

Video: Time Off Request Tutorial