Managing Subscriptions

Subscription in Coexsys Project Resource Management means when a purchased plan license is assigned to a named user account.


Subscription is a privilege to use one or more Coexsys Project Resource Management application as per the plan license assigned to the user. In order to use an application, one or more plan license must be assigned to an active user account.

Subscription is created when an available plan license is assigned to a named active user account.

What is an Active User account?

An active user account is the account that is currently set a active and only an active user account is authorized to access application subscribed to plan license. An inactive user account can not log into any application regardless of it’s license assignment status.

Subscription Portal

Use the Subscriptions portal to perform following activities:

  • Assign available plan licenses to users
  • Remove previously assigned plan licenses from users

Note: You can only assign new plan licenses to a user account to create subscription from available licenses available under each plan. If there are a no available licenses under a plan, then you can not create a new subscription.

Subscriptions Portal

How to add a Plan Subscription to a named active user?

Follow steps identified below to add a plan subscription to a named active user.

Step 1: Click on the subscriptions icon for the user you want to create subscriptions.

Step 2: On the assign subscription popup check the assign toggle button. You can also assign to any additional plan licenses here.

Assign/Un-assign Licenses

Video: Managing Subscriptions on Coexsys Project Cloud