Administering Licenses and Subscriptions

This section describes the overall functionality of how licensing and subscription functions work on the Coexsys Project Resource Management Cloud (PRM).

Organizations managing project-based businesses have often fluctuating or seasonal project needs. There may be some periods in a year where such organizations need to hire and invest in resources during some part of the year than other parts of the year.

Coexsys PRM’s subscription plans and licenses have been designed by keeping these changing needs. In simple words, you can align your growth with subscription plans and you can downsize a number of licenses based on your needs. All within your complete control and fully built-in within the technical framework of Coexsys PRM.


Before we explain how exactly licenses and subscriptions work in Coexsys PRM, lets define common terms used in managing licenses and subscriptons.


A license is a governing and exclusive rights to use the Coexsys PRM cloud applications. In Coexsys Project Resource Management Cloud, the license does not constitute the same meaning as a subscription (described below). A license is the seat purchased for a subscribed product.

IMPORTANT: In Coexsys Project Resource Management Cloud applications, licenses are automatically created when a plan is purchased. All payments, refunds, and billing cycles for recurring payments will be processed by taking number of licenses purchased into consideration under each plan.

It is important to note herewith that, though license purchase grant legal and exclusive right to use Coexsys PRM products, it does not enable the access to use these application. In order to access an application for which the license is purchased, you must create a user account and attach license.

The figure below visually represents the relationship between a Plan, License, User and Subscription.

How licensing works in Coexsys Project Resource Management.


A subscription is created when an available license is assigned to a user.

How subscription is created.

Subscription Plans

Plans under Coexsys Project Resource Management consist of bundle of multiple PRM Products. These plans are offered on month-to-month billing and also year-to-year renewal basis.

Currently plans are available for following two types of customers:

  • Enterprise Customers
  • Self Employed Customers

Plans for Enterprise Customers

Enterprise customers can subscribe to one ore more of following available plans. Customer’s Site Administrator can manage subscriptions, change plans, buy new licenses or remove existing licenses for each plan using manage licenses portal.

  • Full Project Management Suite Bundle (Includes all Coexsys PRM applications)
  • Project and Time Bundle (Includes Project Mgmt, Attendance and Time Tracking only)
  • Project Management Plan (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Attendance Tracking (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Project Time Tracking (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Expenses (Monthly or Yearly)
  • Issue Tracking (Monthly or Yearly)

Plans for Self Employed Customers

Self employed customers are automatically subscribed to full project management suite products mentioned above. In addition, self employed customers also get billing cloud app under one plan.

Applications under self employed plan include:

  • Project Management Cloud
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Issue Tracking
  • Invoicing (available under Self-Employed plans only. Currently not available to Enterprise customers).

Difference between Self Employed Plan and Enterprise Plans

Though core functionalities and features available under Coexsys Project Resource Management applications remain the same when subscribed under Self Employed plan and Enterprise plan, certain workflows and behavior of these app vary depending on whether the application subscription belongs to a Self Employed plan or an Enterprise Plan.

Table below highlights key differences between Self Employed and Enterprise Plans.

Flexible License plans. Site administrator can add new licenses or reduce their license inventory by removing extra licenses depending on their business needs. Self Employed Plan can only get 1 bundle license for all products. You can not add new licenses, or make changes to existing licenses under this plan.
Enterprises can manage their user account assignments to product licenses within the limit of purchases licenses. Because self employed plan involves only one user license and one user account built into the plan, there is no such assignment taking place between a user account and its licenses.
Enterprise plans must have at least one user account with ADMINISTRATOR role in user account page. This administrator user account can manage other user accounts, reset passwords, employee settings and license subscriptions.Because only one user account is permitted under Self Employed Plan, the user has built in ADMINISTRATOR role privileges providing full access to all functionalities for all products under this plan.
You can add a new user account or make existing account inactive under Enterprise plan.You can not add new user accounts under Self Employed plans. Because there is only one bundle license is permitted for under one user account and this relationship between user account and license is hard wired, you can not unassigned the license. If you inactivate the user account under this plan, then this would terminate the subscription altogether and the account is considered closed with no further access available.
Enterprise plan does not offer Invoicing cloud at this time.The Self-Employed Plan does include an additional application for Project billing.
Customers under the Enterprise plan must use their corporate email address for sign up and login purposes. Use of generic public domain based email addresses with, etc. are not permitted under this plan.Customers user the Self Employed plan can use generic email addresses or corporate email addresses for sign up and login purposes.
Enterprise customers under Enterprise plans manage their licenses, subscriptions and user accounts using Manage licenses portal available to them.The Manage licenses portal is not available to Self Employed customers
Depending on the user account roles (Administrator, Manager or User) – application specific features are available to all users under Enterprise plan.Certain application specific functionality and pages (supervisor approval workflows such as timesheet, attendance and expense approvals) are not available to customers under this plan.
Enterprise Customers have following plans to subscribes to. Using Manage License portal, site administrator can subscribe or unsubscribe for any plan and make changes to their licenses under each of the following plans:

1. Full Project Management Bundle: including Projects, Expense, Time Tracking, Attendance Tracking and Issue tracking portal.

2. Project and Time Bundle: This plan includes, Projects, Time Tracking and Attendance Tracking Bundle.

3. Project Management Plan: This plan includes Project Management Cloud Application.

4. Attendance Tracking: This plan includes Attendance Tracking Cloud Application.

5. Project Time Tracking: This plan includes Project Time Tracking Cloud Application.

6. Expense Tracking: This plan includes Project Expense Tracking Cloud Application:

7. Issue Tracking: This plan includes Project Issue Tracking Cloud Application.
The Self employed plan includes all of following cloud application under one bundle plan.

1. Project Management
2. Attendance Tracking
3. Expense Tracking
4. Issue Tracking
5. Project Time Tracking.
6. Invoicing (billing)
Difference between Enterprise and Self Employed Plans

Video: Managing subscriptions on Coexsys Project Cloud

Video: Managing Licenses on Coexsys Project Cloud