Clock In/ Clock Out

Clock In / Clock Out Page provides the primary functionality of recording employee’s shift start and shift end time and everything in between, such as meal and break time.

The Clock In/Clock Out page is designed to be responsive to variety of consoles and devices ranging from desktops, laptop screens, large TVs, touch screen monitors, smart phones and tablets.

The Clock In/Clock Out page provides shift time management for following type of time categories.

  • Regular Shift Time Clock In/ Clock Out
  • Meal Time
  • Break Time
  • Leave/PTO Time
Clock In Clock Out Page


The clock in / clock out page is under the Attendance Tracking menu in the main navigation panel.

The clock in clock out page is applicable for environments where attendance tracking must happen at the entry gate or front door of an office, commercial or manufacturing facility. This page is usually available as a default display on tablets and other types of mobile terminals.

Also, the clock in and clock out page is designed for non exempt or hourly employees [pause weak] where staff job functions mainly involves moving around from one location to another

The Clock in button marks the beginning of your work shift. Once you click the clock in button, you will see this confirmation pop up.

It is important to note that your work hours will simply keep on accumulating till you clock out using the clock out button.

Once your shift has started, You can report your breaks by clicking break buttons. When you start break, click the out from break button, and when you are back from the break, just report that using the back from the break.

Similarly, you can use meal buttons to report meal time.

The attendance tracking cloud treats break time and meal times as two distinct time categories.

For example, you may need to report breaks multiple times during a work day, but meal time is typically used only once.

Next, your clock in and out events are immediately added into your time card activity history and you can see this in the attendance history page here.

This means, even if you are in the middle of the work shift your attendance activity will be added to the time card history.

Next, click the back from the break button to report that you are back from the break.

As we can see here that system will not allow you to record your break time end to soon. Meaning, you can only report your clock in and out events in the increment of 15 minutes.

Meaning, if you report an clock out event within the 15 minutes of a clock in event, then system will display an error message and prevent you from posting your clock out event.

Also, except the clock in button, you can not have out for break and out for meal button remain active at the same time. In other words, for the same hour , you can either take a break or take a meal time but not both.

Video: The clock in / clock out page tutorial