Coexsys Project Management Overview

Coexsys Project Management Cloud is an application suite of all applications and functionality required for an enterprise grade Project.

The Project Management Cloud consists of following applications.

Subscription Plans

Coexsys Offers following two Subscription Plans.

  • Self Employed Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Self Employed Plan

Self Employed Plan is suitable for self employed Professionals. Self employed plan provides all applications necessary to manage project based work for self employed professionals.

Self employed plan provides access to these applications on one user per subscription basis.

Self employed plan covers features and functionality that is already covered under Enterprise plan. However, in addition, Self Employed Plan also provides project billing and invoicing application.

This plan also allows upgrade to Enterprise Plan should the business needs outgrow the functionality provided by self employed plan.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan is suitable for Enterprises with 5 or more users. Enterprise Plan provides all applications with enterprise grade features such as Role base Access control, workflows, and approval management.

Under Enterprise Plan, the site administrator can manage subscriptions and manage licensing for Coexsys Project Management Cloud Applications. The administrator can add, modify or inactivate subscriptions as per the changing business needs.

Enterprise Plan v/s Self Employed Plan Comparison

Table below shows side by side comparison of Enterprise Plan and Self Employed Plan features and functionality comparison.

Enterprise Plan Self Employed Plan
Multiple Users Administration Single User Administration
Role-based Access ControlSingle User Administrator
Workflow Based ApprovalN/A
Subscriber Management, LicensingSingle User Subscription
All applications except Invoicing Available.All applications including Invoicing Available.
Subscription to Individual Applications available. Self Employed Plan covers all applications under one bundle.