Manage Licenses Portal


The manage licenses portal is only available under Enterprise Plans to Enterprise customers only. This portal is not available under Self Employed plan.

The Manage licenses portal enables you to perform overall subscription administration for your organization. Using Manage licenses portal you can:

Manage your billing cycles.

  • Run your monthly payment reports
  • Update Credit Card details
  • Add new licenses
  • Remove licenses
  • Get reporting on licenses available under each plan, licenses used under each plan.
  • Access to customer portal, check next payment dues etc.

Manage Licenses Portal

Manage Licenses Portal

Viewing and managing payments

There are following ways you can manage your points.

  1. Your next payments region.
The “Your Next Payments” region will display your next approaching payment information. You can view details using customer portal.

2. View your payment history.

Updating Credit Card Information

You can update your credit card information by clicking Update card button and enter new credit card information.

Important: Coexsys does NOT store your credit card information. The Credit card information entered will be routed to the third party embedded gateway. Please refer to terms of use for more details.

Update Credit Card.

License management using Manage Licenses Portal

Using mange licenses portal, you can buy more licenses, remove or downsize your overall licenses as your business needs permits.

Buy New Licenses

Below is the step by step process for buying a new license.

Step 1: Click the BUY NEW LICENSES button.

Process for adding /buying a new license.

Step 2: Read and agree to the terms of use.

Step 3: Verify that you are under the right type of plan. All Monthly Plans are located under Monthly tab and all Yearly Plans are located under Yearly tab.

Step 4: Select the required license quantity for the plan you want to add or purchase new license(s).

Step 5: Click on the “Process Subscription” to process.

Steps to add new licenses.

Step 6: As a result of clicking the “Process Subscription” button, your credit card on file will be charged with the new license amount and you will see following confirmation screen.

Step 7: Next, you will see your license available count updated on the Manage Licenses Portal.

Remove Licenses or Reduce your Available License Inventory

Follow the steps outlined below If you need to downsize or reduce your available license inventory.

Step 1: Click on the “Remove Licenses” button.

Remove licenses button.

Step 2: Enter the number of licenses you want to eliminate from your available license inventory, agree to terms of use and click the Process Subscription button.

Important Considerations when Removing licenses.

  • When removing a license or licenses you should take note of the following points.
  • You can only remove or reduce your license inventory for a license(s) that are not attached to subscriptions. Licenses that have subscriptions created, meaning, licenses that are actively assigned to user accounts can not be removed.
  • When the removed license is successfully processed, your site account will be credited with usage credits which will be applied towards your future billing.
  • The billing impact of removing a license(s) will only appear on the billing statement of your next billing period where the usage credit will appear on the next billing period’s invoice.
  • Once a license is removed, your available licenses will be reduced by the quantity you would have selected to remove. If you remove all of your available licenses then you will not be able to create new subscriptions for that plan unless you either unassign existing license from existing subscription or purchase a new license again.

Working with Support

For any technical, billing, or any other issues, training, or questions related to the Coexsys Project Resource Management cloud, you can use the technical support. There are several ways to reach out to Coexsys Technical Support.

  1. Use the Technical Support portal to submit service requests.
  2. Schedule a Call with Coexsys Tech Support.
  3. Online Chat with Technical Support.

Video: Managing Licenses on Coexsys Project Cloud