Enabling Geofencing and preventing Buddy Punching

IP Addresses are simple and effective way to enforce security and integrity around attendance tracking processes in Coexsys Attendance Tracking Cloud.

Site Level IP Restrictions

Site-level IP restrictions are useful when all employees of the organization are required to record their shift times only from certain devices. When site-level IP restriction is enabled, users can not enter shift time from any other devices but only from devices registered under this page.

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Site Level IP Restrictions


The manage IP addresses page is available under the Attendance Tracking Menu in the main navigation panel.

What is Geofencing in the attendance tracking cloud

Geofencing is a feature that prevents the fraudulent attendance entry commonly known as buddy punching.

When enabled, the attendance tracking cloud will enforce clock in and clock out entry only from the corporate network and only using the device IP address.

This ensures that the employee can not clock in their work hours using a smart phone or from a remote location or anywhere outside of the corporate network.

Note that the Geofencing settings are only applicable to clock in and clock out page. Where the clock in and clock out page is displayed on a wall mounted terminal or on biometric scanners.

To enable geofencing, simply start entering your IP addresses in these IP address fields.

Next give a user friendly nick name to IP address you have just entered.

To add more IP Addresses, click the add new button or save your entries.

That is all is required to enable geofencing in the attendance tracking cloud.

Note that IP addresses entered here are fully encrypted and stored encrypted for security. Also, this manage IP address page is available to administrators only.

Once geofencing is enabled using this page, the clock in and clock out page will validate the user’s device IP with the registered IP address.

If these IP addresses do not match, then the system will prevent user from logging time.

These feature is optional and is designed to introduce an error free and friction less attendance tracking functions for any site using the attendance tracking cloud.

Video: Manage IP Address Page Tutorial