Indirect Tasks

The Coexsys Time Tracking cloud allows time entry against indirect tasks.

What are Indirect Tasks?

Indirect tasks are non-project tasks. This means, these tasks are not associated with any project but are still required for tracking purposes when certain labor hours are required to complete it.

A common example of an Indirect task is the installation and upgrade of the anti-virus software on all users’ windows desktop machines before a certain date to protect critical project data.

The Indirect task page is part of the Coexsys time tracking cloud. You do not need a Project management cloud subscription to enter time against indirect tasks.

The Indirect task page is under time tracking menu in the main navigation panel.

To enter an indirect task, simply enter the indirect task name, it’s start date and status. Note that start date and status validate together. For example, if an indirect task is set to start on July 31st 2022 with Active status then, this indirect task will only appear on the time entry page starting July 31st 2022.

Conversly, if you set the indirect task to inactive only July 31st 2022, then you can enter time against thsi indirect task only until July 31st 2022. This means,the task will no longer be available on time entry page after July 31st 2022.

Video: Indirect Task tutorial