Tracking Project Time in Time Entry Page

Coexsys Time Tracking Cloud enables enterprise-grade time tracking for your projects. The time tracking cloud is configurable with the Coexsys Project Cloud and also it can work independently without Project Cloud.

In this section, we will cover the time entry page under the time tracking cloud.

Use the time entry page to record your team’s working hours by the project or tasks they have been assigned to.


The time entry page is located under the Time Tracking menu set in the main navigation panel.

Time Tracking Page Functionality

On the time tracking page, you will see your current period’s time sheet and your previous time sheets. To edit a timesheet that you have previously entered, simply click the pencil icon on the grid.

Follow the steps below once the time sheet opens.

  • Once the time sheet opens, click a project task, indirect task, or leave from the drop-down here.
  • You will see the list of projects and tasks that are assigned to you in this popup.
  • Once you have selected a task, click the select button.
  • Next, you can enter time from the hours drop-down box for the task you have selected.
  • Optionally, enter minutes and overtime hours if applicable.
  • Next, you may want to enter comments for your time entry for your approver to see.
  • Select the approver from the drop-down list here where you want to send this timesheet for approval.
  • You can save your time entry to submit later, or you can submit directly by pressing these buttons.
  • You can see your entered time entries for the same day in the data grid here.
  • On the data table, You can back out an approved time entry and request reapproval, edit a working time entry, view approver comments and see record audit history.

There is no maximum limit on the number of time entries you can enter on a single day. However, your total time entered in terms of hours must not exceed 24 hours.

Note that, there are several ways you can submit your time entries. One way to submit is to submit at the time of entry, another way to submit is to select time entries from the data table and press the submit all button.

The submit all button will take you to the data table view where you can see your all-time entries in a given pay period.

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