Common Application Components

Coexsys PRM Cloud application pages contain following common components. These components are available at application level and provide the common framework for all applications process flows to work in an integrated manner.

Navigating through the Coexsys PRM Pages

Depending on your user account role and privileges, you will see all application pages under the left Navigation Panel as shown below:

Main Navigation Panel

Top Header Panel

The top header panel consists of few common components as shown below.

The header panel contains following components.


This is the landing page for your application activities. The dashboard is quick snapshot of your daily activities, your applications and access to the knowledgebase and documentation.

Quick Start Video

The quick start video helps you to start using the application and its core features without substantial investment of your time and effort in learning the application.

Coexsys Tech Support

Technical Support to contact Coexsys technical support team for vendor support.


Use this control as a quick shortcut to navigate to your application pages.


List of system generated notifications from various application events.