Supervisor Workbench

Supervisor Workbench is the one stop workbench for supervisors to provide a complete overview of various time events of their direct reports. Using Supervisor workbench, supervisors can manage employee’s time, approve/ reject time offs, clock times, break and meal times and also process missed time attendance.

Supervisor Workbench


The Supervisor workbench is located under Attendance Tracking Menu on the main navigation panel.

Note that The supervisor workbench is available to managers and administrators only.

This workbench enables supervisors to manage their direct reports attendance status, quickly approve or reject attendance and so on.

The supervisor workbench is information rich. It is designed to provide 360degree view of employee’s attendance status and work schedules.

Columns on the Supervisor Workbench

The Workday Column

The work day column is the attendance date on which the employee has clocked in the time. In other words, this is the attendance date on which the time has been clocked in.

The Current Work Schedules Column

The next column, current work schedule indicates the current planned work schedule for this employee. This work schedule has been created using the employee scheduling page. Supervisors can use this to verify their staff’ actual working hours are as per the employee schedule (or not).

The Absent Column

The absent column is when the employee is absent without reporting his/her absence.

Submitted, missed time and time off columns

Submitted, missed time and time off columns indicate hours submitted on time card, missed time reported and time off request in that order.

The last known attendance column

The last known attendance column indicates when was the last time employee reported hours.

The total approve time column

Finally the total approve time indicates approved attendance.

As we can see, supervisor workbench can be pretty productive tool for supervisors when it comes to managing their employee’s time.

Video: Supervisor workbench tutorial