Duration based Time Entry in the Attendance Tracking Cloud

The Attendance Tracking cloud offers two types of employee attendance tracking.

The clock in and clock out type of time entry page is for employees who have non exempt status and are typically paid on hourly basis. Also, such employees are mobile and they typically move from one physical location to another for their job purposes

The working hours time entry page is duration based time entry where exempt employees who are typically salaried employees can log in their duration. This type of attendance entry is suitable for employees whose job requires them to be at their desk all the time, commonly known as “white collar jobs”

This tutorial is about the working hours, also known as duration based time entry. Here you can log your time for each month.

The Working Hours Entry Page

Working hours entry page is located under Attendance Tracking Menu in the main navigation panel.

The Working Hours Page

Entering time using the Working Hours Page

There are two ways you can enter time using the working hours page.

  1. Manual data entry
  2. Import time from the Microsoft Excel using pre defined template

Importing hours from Excel template

To import hours, simply download this template and start filling up your hours. Once you open this Excel template. Simply start entering your hours. Note that you can only import one month at a time using this template.

Also, you must maintain the same date format of mm/dd/yyyy as it is shown here.

Basic Rules when Importing time using Excel

  • To import time successfully, you must enter hours and date exactly in the same format as it is shown in the sample data in the template.
  • If you are planning to use Excel template to import your time into the working hours page on the regular basis, It is recommended that you maintain one excel file per month for the ease of maintenance.

Next, save this file and import into the working hours page. Simply select the excel data file from your desktop and import.

You will see that your hours are imported here in the grid.

Typically salaried employees are not required to log their break time , meal time and over time, but in this case we have entered these hours.

Note that the working hours data grid displays the whole month in two buckets, 1st half of the month which includes 1st through 15th of every month, and second half of the month starting from the 16th through the last day of the month.

The Data grid has few useful functions to maintain your time keeping on this page.

For example using these icons, you can optionally enter a comment for the time entry, copy the hours from the pervious day or clear the time entry. Note that you can only use these functions on a time entry that has not been submitted yet.

If, as an exempt employee you are entering break, meal and over time, system will always display this information box.

Validation Rules when entering Overtime

If you are entering overtime, the working hours page will perform few validation checks.

For example, your overtime hours must not overlap with regular time in and out, break times and meal times.

Also, if your overtime is crossing the midnight 12am and crossing over to the next working day, you must enter the second lag of the over time duration manually on the next day.

If your overtime hours entered are overlapping with regular hours, meal hours or break hours. System will display an error message and will stop you from moving forward with time entry submission.

You can also see employees current work schedule for the month at the bottom region of this page. This is for the information purposes only.

Next, after entering correct overtime hours, click the submit button and submit all time entries.

Video: Watch the Working Hours Time entry tutorial.