Billing Cloud Overview

Note: Billing cloud is only available under Self-Employed Plan.

Invoice cloud enables self employed professionals to bill their clients for the project work they have completed. Self employed plan covers all Coexsys Project Resource Management Products under one bundle plan. Therefore, the invoice cloud enables project related invoicing only.

The Billing cloud offers following functionality at this time:

  1. Client Management, setup new clients, track client projects and payments.
  2. Manage Invoices
  3. Reports

Client Management

Use the clients page to setup new clients, edit existing clients and track payments.

Roy T. Bennett
Client Setup

Invoice Entry

Use Invoice Entry Page to enter new invoices.

Invoice Entry


Follow the steps outlined below to enter payments.

Step 1: Click on the $ icon on the invoice data grid for the invoice you want to record a payment.

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Create Payments

Step 2: Next, in the pop up enter payment information.

Enter payments

Payment History

You can view all payments under Payment History Tab.